TS Employees Income Tax Calculation Software FY 2021-22 (Version v1.2)

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Employee personal details

Name of the Employee
Employee ID
Working Place:
Employee PAN No

Employee Pay Particulars

Basic Pay on Mar 2021:(as per PRC-2015)
RRC-2020 effect from which month
Basic Pay on Apr-2021:(as Per RRC-2020)
Increment Month
TS Increment
AAS (6/12/18/24 Years Scale)
Surrender Leave
Avail Half Pay Leave

Allowances (Monthly)

HRA (as per PRC-2015)
HRA (as per PRC-2020)
HM Allowance
PH Allowance Applicable
CCA Allowance
If CCA Change
PP /SP/ Add. Inc.

Salary Deductions (Monthly)

Select Pension Type

If PF Change
TSGLI Subscription
If TSGLI Change
GIS Subscription
If GIS Change
EWF (Mar-2021)
SWF (Dec-2021)

Savings (80C)

Tax Deductions

Interest of Housing Loan
Interest of HBA Loan 80EEA
PHC Dependent Expemption Applicable


House Type
Child Edn Fee Concession
DA Arrears

Advance Tax

March 2021 Sep 2021
Apr 2021 Oct 2021
May 2021 Nov 2021
June 2021 Dec 2021
July 2021 Jan-2022
Aug 2021 Feb-2022

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